Margaret Turner, MBA, Bald Head Island Hermit

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Afternoon - you're about to call in sick.
So, as some of you may know I did graduate Rice University with a Masters in Business Administration.  YES IT IS a real university.  I know, I do love rice and gravy and you think I made it up because of that.  But, seriously, there is a Rice University and it's a really good school, and they let me go there.  I seriously think that the minute I stepped into orientation in August of 2008, the majority of the faculty, especially a certain dude in admissions and a certain dudette in the Student Services center IMMEDIATELY regretted that decision.  I had an incredible time learning loads and really bringing back my class clown status - even at 31.  Wow, see you are never to old to act like an obnoxious pie hole.  But, boy! It was fun!

So, with my MBA I have decided that I am going to become the Bald Head Island Hermit.  For those of you from the NC Coastal Area, you well know that Fort Fisher had an infamous hermit for years that lived in a cave or dune of some sort.  I never saw him, but my Daddio did AND, they have loads of books that you can read up on about it.  Maybe I'll have loads of books about me when I become the infamous Bald Head Island Hermit.

April 23, 2011: "Margaret Turner, MBA, Self-Appointed BALD HEAD ISLAND HERMIT."

I don't know what to say, "Thank you."  First of all, I like to thank in advance, The Bald Head Island Management for having homeowners put the "YES" sign up if they are at their house or the "NO" sign if they are not.  They say this is because they need to know whether to pick up the trash or not, but let's be honest:  they do it for me, Margaret Turner, MBA, The Bald Head Island Hermit.  This way, if "YES" is posted I know not to settle underneath the house in case of inclement weather.  If "NO" is posted, then I have shelter, and believe me, even in the biggest season of visitors, there are plenty of spots to plant.

Secondly, I would like to thank BHI Management for the new bins they have placed at the Ferry Landing.  We all know that when you go to BHI, guests either bring to much food and spirits, or they buy too much at Maritime Village.  I appreciate the bins and the visitors/landowners who leave what they don't eat or drink in the bins so that I do not go without food and especially wine.  "Get OUT of there Turners, we all know you drink all your drinks, but hey, a Hermit needs her booze."

Thirdly, I like to thank in advance my new pets:  the various alligators, foxes, deers, drum, clams, crabs...etc.  I love y'all, but please be advised, if the bin gets low I am going to have to hunt and gather you to survive.  After all, what will Bald Head Island do without their Infamous Hermit.

Margaret Turner, MBA, Bald Head Island Hermit

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