Will you accept this daffodil?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I look just like Emily Maynard.  Especially with those big nostrils.

I wish I could have gathered more Daffodils.


The World that is Sand...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My shadow on shells and sand on Wrightsville Beach.
A friend of mine sent me a link today that I found very interesting.  Filmed at a TED convention, Gary Greenberg discusses the nano aspects of the world we see. Specifically, he goes into great detail of the world of sand, it's composition depending on it's environment, and shows the nano components in pictures.  For those who aren't familiar with TED, check out their website.  It is full of incredible inspirational videos by well known successful business giants full of ideas check TED out here.

I find Mr. Greenberg's discussion of sand formed by shells and decayed sea life most interesting.  He reveals pictures of the sand grain more closely, and you can see actual shells or pieces of shells. He refers to walking on the beach as "walking along biological and geological history; a record of the areas entire ecology."  Pretty cool stuff!  And, although technically what he says is completely understandable what he says is completely over my head, I can appreciate the beauty of sand and how flipping cool it is.  Not that I mind being sandy, I love love it, but now I have a new appreciation of it.  And, I hope you do too.  Check out the video (it's only 12 minutes - skip to the shell part if you don't have time to watch it all - it is a little like going back to school):

Shells and sand on Wrightsville Beach.

Shells more decomposed on Wrightsville Beach.

The beautiful nano details of our world - sometimes it's cool to think about what you enjoy in such detail.


You're gonna like the way your voice sounds after that next cigarette

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I guarantee it.


When a run turns into fruition!

After running races for a few years, I was totally burnt out. Until recently. I am feeling the sport again. And, although I am a self proclaimed weather geek (but, LOATHE Jim Cantore), I didn't realize how beautiful it is today in Southeastern North Carolina. So, I put on my running gear, uploaded some new songs, and headed out to run the loop. When I realized how warm it was, and that it was low tide, I decided to do it on the beach. I am so glad I did. The shells were great today! For those of you on Wrightsville Beach, they are up near the tide line on the north end, so combing the beach all day is possible! Here are some of the gems I found!
Auger with attached Coral and a Brown-banded Wentletrap.
Wittle tiny baby whelk.
Keyhole Limpet (Chinaman's Hat).
Wrightsville Beach in February!
Common Eastern Starfish.
Can you spot the two Keyhole Limpets (Chinaman's Hats)?
Another wittle tiny baby Whelk (technical term).
Sea Urchin no spikes, Sea Urchin spikes to right with seaweed intertwined.
Happy Hunting and Gathering!
Cheers Y'all!

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