New Design: Octopus

Friday, April 11, 2014

What is it about Octopus's that we all love.  I think it's because they are amazing animals.  This may sound silly, but isn't it amazing that they actually exist?  I recently watched Oceans, a Disney documentary, and the Blanket Octopus was briefly mentioned.  That's a different story, but if you want to see something else in the octopus family that really exists check out the blanket octopus.

Now for my post.

My Momma called this morning and wanted to order a baby blanket for a baby girl.  And, she asked if I would try and make an octopus design.  I love an artistic challenge, even when I am screaming at my paintbrush or computer in the design process.  

I first sketched the little critter.
Octopus Sketch


Then, painted it pink, for obvious reasons.

Pink Octopus

And, designed in Photoshop this design.

Octopus Design for baby blanket

If Momma approves, I think we'll give the blanket and framed watercolor as a gift.  

And, the octopus project in a nutshell, or collage rather.

I hope you are all doing something outside today.  It's gorgeous!



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