Kiawah Island's Sandy Point

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sandy Point has been Kiawah Island's best worst kept secret for a handful of years now.  That doesn't take away from the beauty and somewhat secluded island feel.  It just depends on when you visit.  

Growing up on Wrightsville Beach, I was lucky enough to share a boat with my twin sister and brothers.  And, having a destination in mind for our boat day was the priority.  Once you being these explorations, it remains in your blood.  I get a #saltgiddy feeling embarking on a boat heading to a barrier island or hammock.  Sandy Point is at the far east end of Kiawah Island, and it is miles long.  It didn't take long for people to discover this beautiful end, flocking from Folly Beach and other areas of Charleston.  It's separated by the Stono River and Inlet on the east, and Penny Creek on the west.  You can even see the old logging roads if you make your way up Penny Creek a bit.  But, I came for the shells.

People not only know about Sandy Point, they know sand dollars like this spit of island as much as anyone.  So, you better time low tide well, or be prepared for a long trek.  I prefer the latter.  There is something special, and such a rarity these days, to find a place where you feel so secluded that you almost believe you're alone on your very own private island.

Here are some of my favorite finds from the short visit:

Sand dollars, key shells (lettered olives), and baby's ears.

The tiny sand dollars were found at the high tide line.

Sandy Point, and Folly Beach in the distance.
Happy hunting and gathering!  And, Happy Memorial Day!

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