Ancient Secret Beach in South Carolina

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's not so secret, but ancient is definitely a way to describe this beautiful, untouched beach just south of Kiawah Island.  I haven't been to visit this magical place before because I thought the only way to get to Botany Bay was in a boat.  I was wrong.  You can visit by driving through the old plantation, and walking about a quarter mile.  You are not allowed to take any of the shells home with you, which I must say was the biggest challenge.  If you do, you can be charged a maximum fine of $470.  Check out the majestic beauty of Botany Bay.

Dirt road leading to the ancient beach.

167 Loggerhead nests?!  I hope that is a true number.

Many of the trees are not uprooted, but I do find beauty in it all.

Because of the no shell regulation, people decorate Botany Bay with the shells they find.

This looks photoshopped.  Amazing oaks waiting their inevitable demise.  They can't survive in salt water, unfortunately.

Now - you all know this was hard for me.  This ancient Channeled Whelk was tempting me.  Look at that texture!!

This lovely line of mostly "Knobbies" (Knobbed Whelks) were waiting for me to snap this photo.

Littered with beauty.

Sand Dollars were flipped up onto the shelly bank.

Botany Bay is a dense forest of oaks and palms, and then it abruptly ends.
I recommend visiting when you are in the area.  It's also an easy day trip from Charleston.  Stop at Flowers Seafood Co. on the way back home too!  Here are some additional sites with more information on Botany Bay:

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
South Carolina Information Highway - and some great pictures
Yelp Botany Bay

If you visit Botany Bay, I would love for you to share your pictures with me!


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