The one app every coastal outdoor lover needs: Tide Graph

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Knowing what the tide is doing is by far the most essential piece of information I need before venturing outside.  It may even be the only piece of information I gather when planning a fishing or shelling adventure.  And, I don't plan anything.  Except everything outdoors.

I have been trying out 3 tide apps (for iOS) for a couple years, and find that I use Tide Graph 99% of the time.  Tide information is based on historical information and moon cycles, so you can never be certain that the information you receive is completely accurate.  I use the other two apps to compare the tide information from Tide Graph.

Tide Graph's main interface is a map of the coast with pings representing inlets or areas where the tide chart is measured.  This is particularly helpful if you are visiting an area you aren't that familiar with, and don't know the inlet name or location to search.  You have the ability to move the map with your fingers to the area in question, then touch the ping to get the tide information.  It has the names of the areas so you can learn as you go.  Keep in mind, that if the ping is in a certain inlet, it will only list the ebb and flow instead of low tide and high tide times.  Essentially this is because the tide is always moving in these locations.  If you run into this, just check out pings close to the inlet and assess those tide times to come up with an educated guess.

I've included links to each of the apps websites, but you can search for each of them in the Apple App Store as well.

Tide Graph  $1.99

  • Map interface
  • Easy to use, most efficient function
  • Sunrise and Sunset are available in Details, and Tide Tables available in Tables
  • Time consuming to move locations if it's a state or more away.  Not really a con though because you can view the coast of areas you may not be familiar with - it's like virtual travel. 
  • $1.99 - which isn't really a con because I use it so often.

Tide Trac  $2.99

  • Multiple tide stations.
  • Map interface with detailed information.
  • Multiple tide stations - too many choices which is overwhelming, especially when you aren't familiar with the area.
  • $2.99 (I like Tide Graph better too).
  • Functionality/Interface - I prefer Tide Graph better here as well.

Tides Near Me  Free


  • Free

  • Interface is annoying - probably because I like Tide Trac's so much more
  • Ads
  • Pop ups requesting you to rate app

If you use a tide app that I haven't mentioned, I would love to know about it.  Please comment or email me:

Happy hunting!

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