Prime Fossil Locale: The Beach!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Maybe when you hear the word fossil, you immediately feel tired because you are reminded of elementary school, and boredom.  But, let's be honest.  Fossils are cool.  Really cool.  And, you can find them in the midst of new shells while you stroll along the beach.  I recently found 2 fossil at Ocean Drive, SC.  And, I am such a dork that last weekend they traveled with me home for a weekend with my family.  I had to show everyone.

Can you believe this fossil Sea Biscuit?  A Sea Biscuit is in the Sand Dollar and Sea Urchin Family.  Technically, in the Enchinoderm Family.  This fossil is a smaller sea biscuit; the more prominent ones, and perhaps ones you may have seen before in your Mimi's house that she found years ago, are bigger and also more fragile.  This fossil is heavy because of the fossil's stone sediment.

Front - you can see at the top of the picture two parts of the typical sand dollar star. :)


Mildly obsessed with my sea biscuit fossil. 

Here are a couple pictures of sea biscuits that are not fossils, and ones that I did not find.  (Just so you have something to compare the above fossil to):

Credit: (apparently you can purchase these very easily).


After Tropical Storm Andrea, I found this piece of what was a very large scallop - you can see half of the bow tie.

Scallop Fossil


And, we cannot possibly discuss fossils, without speaking of the living fossil, the Horseshoe Crab.  How flipping cool are these amazing animals (and over 480 million years old - older than dinosaurs!).  I found these two babies on Masonboro Island this past Saturday.

Holy Horseshoe Crab!
Happy Shelling!  And, Happy Summer!


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