100 North Carolina Icons

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The July issue of Our State has a great insert of North Carolina's Icons.  Check out their list to see if you agree - and see how many you have viewed:

North Carolina Top 100 Icons Checklist

This awesome list got me thinking about a Hunting and Gathering checklist.  Of course, I am partial to North Carolina's Southeastern coast, but would love to learn spots on ANY coast that I can vacation to for crabbing, clamming, shelling, surfing, swimming with dolphins...obviously the list can go on and on.  But, I thought I would jot down my favorite Hunting and Gathering Icons and keep adding to my checklist, to then aim to check off the items on my checklist, and keep exploring new places!  Please let me know what I am missing in my list.  (And, I am not even going to try to rate these - they are in no particular order)!

  • Old Baldy, Bald Head Island
Old Baldy Lighthouse 1817

  • East Beach, Bald Head Island (picture taken after Hurricane Irene, August 27, 2011)

  • Masonboro Island
Masonboro Inlet (Wrightsville Beach is north of inlet, Masonboro south).
Masonboro Island - 9 miles long of untouched Barrier Island.

Loggerhead Eggs post hatch.  Nice nest!

Masonboro Bounty (nice whale bone!) - Credit: Todd Guerdat
Masonboro Storm - Credit: Christina McNeely

  • Portsmouth Island (which, I hear is fantastic for shelling, but I haven't been yet - I hear you can find Scotch Bonnet's here!)

  • Your secret or not so secret crabbing hole or clam bed
Clamming Dorks
Is this a secret?

Clams Casino here we go!

Good first catch - ready for more!

  • Frying Pan Shoals

Frying Pan Shoals Tower

  • Swimming Hole
Entering "The Swimming Hole"

View of Wrightsville Beach from "The Swimming Hole"

  • Mason's Inlet
  • Morris Island Lighthouse
This picture was just sent by my boyfriend - Morris Island Lighthouse - still there after water has taken it over!

  • Liberty Ship (Video Credit: Alexander Ramsey via You Tube):

What are the icons that mean something to you?  Or, the ones you know will once you visit?  


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