2 Degree Comfort Zone

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finding the perfect winter balance:  starting with these... 

I am only comfortable in 2 degrees.  I'm either hot or cold.  And, around this time of year, I am always cold.  It may only be 55 degrees outside, but I'm sorry, it feels much colder than that.  I live on the coast, and as we lucky people who are lucky enough to live at the beach know, it always feels colder on the water.  And, damp.  The kind of damp that shoots right to your coldness.  One good thing about the fact that we are having an actual fall and what looks like a very cold winter, is knowing the cockroaches are going to die.  And, for those of you who call them Palmetto Bugs:  they aren't Palmetto Bugs, they are cockroaches.  The population of this most disgusting insect has been so dense this past year because (based on a highly intelligent theory I have created) we didn't have either a fall or a winter last year; we had a lovely extended summer/spring.  And as enjoyable as that was, it didn't kill the cockroaches.  Total tangent, my apologies.  My intention here is to pass along some fantastic products that have helped me survive my constant cold nature and bring me back into my 2 degree comfort zone during these damp and cold months.

Smartwool Socks: 

These fantastic wool socks are $20.95, slightly pricey for a sock and highly worth every penny.  Smartwool Socks come in a variety of thickness, designs, and sizes.  They have boot socks for boots, or if you are like me, you wear them without boots for an extra layer.  They last forever.  And if your feet get wet while braving the elements, you won't suffer from hypothermia or early exit, because wet wool still warms.  It is great for those of you who enjoy shelling and fishing even out of your degree comfort zone.  They have free shipping if you spend $75 or more!  See there selection here.

Patagonia Pullover:  

 A Patagonia Pullover Fleece has been a constant staple in my winter wardrobe (well, I should be honest - I wear them year round, just not outside in the summer).  It is made from 51% recycled fleece and who doesn't want a kangaroo pocket to warm your hands all the time.  It goes with almost everything and keeps you warm.  And, if it's really cold you can layer over it!  It retails for $119, and those of you who love Patagonia like I do know it rarely goes on sale, although Great Outdoor Provisions and REI sometimes will have a sale out of the blue.  I love this winter white, but I kind of want the gray this year see it here.  (My sister stole my other fleece's so I am always in the market for a new one).

lululemon Turn around jacket: 

I not only love the outdoors, but I also love to run.  And, how many times a year do I not run because it's cold?  Way too much to mention.  When I first started my career as a runner, one thing always helped me get out of the door, and it never was the knowledge of knowing how good I would feel after.  It was cool running gear!  With this reversible jacket,  and it's stretchy cuffs, I would be excited to get outside.  And, obviously from the looks of this jacket, it is way more than a running jacket.  I would put this on to shell and fish!  Or, stay warm at a football game.  It is steep in price, $198, but lululemon pieces (yes, I call them pieces because they are a fashion piece for my wardrobe in addition to being so fully functional), but they always cover shipping.  You may have a lululemon in your city, but we all know if we step foot in the store, we will leave spending much more than $198. Check out more pictures of this jacket and features here.

With this outdoor gear, I can be assured to remain in my 2 degree comfort zone and not miss any activity!


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