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Monday, May 21, 2012

The view of Bald Head as you approach the marina.

Bald Head Island: where I actually finding myself saying you complete me without actually throwing up in my mouth a little bit. 

Bald Head Island has always been a large part of my life. Even when I was little and didn't really understand inspiration, Bald Head Island meant everything to me. It was a place you escaped. A place where you truly leave a part of yourself once you step foot on the ferry back to the main land. I don't know how many parts of me are living there now, but they are truly the lucky ones. While visiting, I find myself at ease, forgetting what day it is, yet knowing exactly what time of day it is just by the tide and the light in the sky.

When I leave I suffer mild depression. It feels like a break-up. I find myself in tears longing for the happiness I can remember I had just a few hours ago.  And, every break up with Bald Head gets worse after each visit.   I almost get to the point where I almost say, Why do you even put yourself through it, why do you even go to Bald Head?  But, I would never say that, I could never say that....after all, we are talking about Bald Head Island.  What if BHI found out?  What if BHI didn't let me come back to visit?  What if BHI didn't let me continue being the Bald Head Island Hermit?   But, more so, I could never hurt something that means so much to me, even if it's out of short lived heart break.   It's short lived because once I come out of my brief emotional break down, I realize that it's not that far away, and although I left a part of myself on that lovely island, I also took with me more than I can register.  Now, as I start anticipating my next visit, here are a few photos to enjoy from my trip.

"Black Socks" was spotted all week, posing for pictures, or stalking golfers for food.  

Black Socks -  I want a fox for a pet.

 I found Sand Dollars on West Beach just beyond the breakers.  On South Beach I found this shell, which I had to look up.  It was a first.  Meet the McGinty Cyphoma:

McGinty Cyphoma (top)

McGinty Cyphoma (bottom)

And, a brief description:

One of the best aspects of Bald Head Island is the feeling of escape.  I escaped emails and phone calls as my phone service is spotty over yonder.  So, I don't have as many pictures as I would like.  But, the inspiration will hopefully be seen in the scarves I am creating from this past experience. 

Until next time, I must move on and reserve my seat on the next ferry.


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