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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

$36 Dollars:  Happy Mouth, Angry Bank Account

I had a V8 for lunch yesterday.  At 5:30 p.m. my growling stomach drove the rest of me to Whole Foods.  I wasn't just hungry, I wanted a sophisticated snack.  A snack that would make me look like I own a plane and have someone fly me to Bermuda every weekend.
I went to Whole Paycheck.  It was lovely.  I saw some friends, cruised the isles, and snacked on grapes and walnuts while I shopped.
I opt for a $6.99 bottle of wine, which was delicious.  A six pack of Peroni.  Conchorions with onions.  (I may have spelled that wrong.  I also can't say it correctly).  Made to order walnuts. Some parmesan. Some mozzarella (MOAZTZarella if you day it like Giada de Laurentiis).  How much did it cost me?  $36.92.  Receipt is below, but you can't see it because it is not in focus.  That's awesome.

A couple things about this transaction, experience, and snack enjoyment:

  • Harlene wasn't there.
  • It wouldn't have cost this much at Harris Teeter.
  • But, I wouldn't have been able to get what I got at Harris Teeter.  No conchoricons (I think I spelled that different than before), no made to order parmesan, no made to order walnuts, and no $6.00 mozzarella (3 nice size balls).
  • Harlene wasn't at Whole Foods.
  • It was pure joy to go to Whole Foods.  How many times have you thought that about grocery shopping.
  • Whole Foods wants to sell my scarves there, if I can get my cost down.
  • I was totally relaxed enjoying my spread of snacks.  And, finally, I had snacks that I was excited about! 
  • Harlene wasn't at Whole Foods.
Doesn't it look inviting?  Except for maybe the knife.

A new acquaintance of mine read my first post about Whole Foods and Harris Teeter and had the following comments to add.  She did all the work for me.  Food Lion is another good choice.  Here she sums up some great pointers about shopping at these three east coast staple grocery stores. 

"I like the HT vs. WF piece.  Those are my two primary places to shop. There is always an inexpensive fish, fruit, veggie, at WF if you know how to cook it.

I can tell you for sure that if you do all your shopping at Food Lion, your overall food expense is less, but the aesthetic really makes a difference. When I left my job to start my business, I cut back expenses drastically, and took notes to compare my staple items at FL, WF, and HT. Interestingly, some things were way more expensive at FL: half n half. But overall FL was less.

What I like about WF is being able to sit down and eat dinner there--indoors or out-- when I haven't had time to cook, and then go in and buy my staples. And I love the customer service, especially with buying wine and beer when I'm heading to a party. And even though HT has some good meat options, vis-a-vis more natural vs. full of hormones, not fed corn, etc,  WF has more good options along a continuum so there's usually something you can afford.

HT now has a starbucks so you can go get pre-prepared meals and eat them at starbucks, so that helps.

Bottom line, now that I have more $, I use HT and WF. (My cats turn up their noses at WF cat food, and egg whites and greek yogurt are way too expensive there, and omega 3 eggs are cheaper at HT). I don't use FL, but I miss FL-brand prunes: really good and moist.


My two cents!" - Amy N., Raleigh, NC

Thanks Amy for your insight!  I guess she doesn't have a Harlene in Raleigh.  Let me know what you think and happy shopping!


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