Kim Kardashian vs. Duchess of Cambridge. What?!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

As I am sitting in my kitchen nook eating a lovely breakfast and sipping a good cup of tea, I overhear from the Today Show, that more women relate more to Kim Kardashian's wardrobe rather Princess Kate's wardrobe. That Kim's style resonates more with women than the Duchess's style. How is that even possible? I would like to see the people who helped create these results, or better, what they were wearing. But, the fact that the Today show actually spoke about this survey, or whatever it was, proves that the United States of America has perhaps gone downhill when it comes to fashion, or more they way we present ourselves. Look at the English Icon (Duchess of Cambridge): beautiful, poised, elegant, and classy. Verses the USA Icon (Kim Kardashian): Tight clothes, cleavage, obvious makeup, short short short dresses. Even when Pippa Middleton's derriere was being discussed, it looked elegant and classy.
Should we be embarrassed or should we stand up and shout: "Hell to the yeah, we are American's and we do it like we like to do, I'm going to Walmart." I'm not trying to be unpatriotic at all. It's a valid comparison that is being made in many places. Take a look at the premiere of Downton Abbey. Shirley Maclaine vs. Maggie Smith. Didn't most of you root for Maggie Smith. Yes, she is judgmental and rude, but she is also entirely likable. Shirley Maclaine is more eclectic, non-traditional, aggressive and slightly flighty. Aren't all Americans?
But, then again when Robert and Cora were discussing their financial troubles, didn't we American's cheer when Cora responded: "I'm American, have gun with travel." I guess when Countess Crawley says something like that in her braid and gorgeous nightgown, we don't think of it as tacky. I'm not one to talk. I am neither Kim Kardashian nor the Duchess of Cambridge. Nor do I want to be. I admire Kim for showing off her curves rather than trying to cover them up. I admire almost everything about the style of Princess Catherine: her poise, her style, her ability to make being a Royal look easy. I could never do that. After all, I am a loud, obnoxious American - louder and more obnoxious than most. But, I'd like to think my style is more toned down than that. Maybe Kim Kardashian's style resonates more because of her curves; we all can relate to curves. And, Kate Middleton doesn't have many, although she will have a bump soon. And, I can see that's it's difficult to imagine wearing hats to weddings among other things. But, the Duchess's style resonates more with me. Maybe because I don't have her poise that I admire, or maybe I just want to wear Temperley to a party or to every party I can. Cheers! Margaret

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