Kiawah Island Love

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I have to say that I don't love July 4th crowds or islands.  The crowds and hoop-la of a holiday weekend on an island, make it an island that I don't recognize.  My love of being on an island is mostly a result of feeling like the only person there.  The coveted isolation and personal relationship with that island is something I crave and need.

The great thing about Kiawah Island, SC is that it is 10 miles long.  And, on the east end of the island is a creek you must cross to get to a great shelling sand bar.  So, not everyone is willing to take the plunge to go over.  So, this July 4th I found my island love, and 28 sand dollars.

Here is a sample of my independent and American finds:

Matthew also did some fishing, and brought home some free flounder who were uncomfortable with their new confinements.  (Bit of a grainy picture, but he was far away from me).

I hope you all enjoyed celebrating our nations birthday!


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