Mild Starfish Obsession

Monday, August 11, 2014

Have you ever noticed that Starfish are different in North Carolina and South Carolina?  And technically, I know that I am calling it the incorrect name.  Whomever is in charge of changing names of aquatic organisms, has changed the name of the Starfish to a Sea Star.  I am never going to call a Starfish a Sea Star.  I think it's special how people grow up calling certain shells names that have been passed down by family members.  For example, the Lettered Olive is not a Lettered Olive in my family.  It is a Key Shell.  And, the Keyhole Limpet is a Chinaman's Hat.  So go on with your bad self.  Call it what you want, and I will too.  No judgement here.  (Yes, and I now realize that I am talking about a Starfish, and that this has become dramatic.  Sorry for the tangent.) 

I am excited to show footage of two Starfish I found on Kiawah Island on two different occasions. I had never seen a live Starfish move like these two do.  In North Carolina, Starfish are more orange and textured.  I have even seen a purple one in North Carolina after storms.  For some reason, South Carolina Starfish have a smoother texture, and a lovely sand color.  And, they like to perform.  Since I can't pick a favorite, I thought I would include all 8 videos of the starfish footage.  Enjoy!

Which one is your favorite?


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