Sand Dollar Sunday

Friday, June 19, 2015

It may not be shocking to know that hunting and gathering sand dollars never gets old for me.  Each one I find feels like a gift from the sea.  Enjoy!  You can almost feel the heat from these pictures.

I love how this sand dollar is perched.

Same sand dollar from above, just a different angle.

Theory here is that the wind blew the dry sand away after washing up.

Kiener Whelk

New cut on east end of Kiawah Island.

HELLO to you too!


I love how you can almost see how the ocean left the sand dollar in it's tracks.

I like being on the sand dollars level.

Thank you!

Can you see how the sand dollar repaired itself from an animal of some kind.  So curious!


Never gets old.

Until next time...

Happy hunting and gathering,

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