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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Matthew and I are frequently saying, "if you want something, say it out loud."  Something can mean all sorts of things, like finding your keys, for example.  If you are searching for your keys for more than 10 seconds, it becomes highly annoying.  Try saying it out loud, or asking your significant other or roommate, out loud, if they have seen them.  90% of the time you will find them immediately.  Living in Charleston, and working on Kiawah Island isn't necessarily something that I thought I wanted.  But, living outdoors with barrier islands, hammocks, wildlife, and salt water, has been a passionate dream of mine.  It's a dream I live and love.  And one that is alive and always joyfully surprising.  Say it out loud!

Rhett's Bluff Doe

Same Doe
Fishing Egret
Tangled Sook (threw her back, too small)

Bass Creek Dolphin

Perched Pelican


Jimmy - caught him with a fishing rod by pleasant accident


Marsh and Hammock

Bass Pond Alligator

Bass Creek Sunset
I hope everyone had the happiest July 4th!  

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