Waites Island Hunt and Gather

Monday, September 30, 2013

Even though the end of summer can send me into a mild depression; it doesn't last too long.  Fall on the coast is the best you can get.  The shelling is incredible, there is a plethora of bait in the water, the fishing is unheard of, and most of the tourists have headed back inland (poor things).  To top it off, my boyfriend and I just bough a boat, and a trailer, and a truck.  So, I am sittin' pretty, or hunting and gathering pretty.  We had an awesome day out yesterday! 

We went straight for Waites Island, which is the northern most barrier island in the state of SC.  And, it is beautiful!

Waites Ariel Shot (Cherry Grove Inlet left, Little River Inlet Right)
Waites Island and beautiful Pine Trees

Waites Island, SC

I love having an island all to myself. (I took this picture last week, obviously it's low tide in this photo.

Catching bait along the way was easy.  Once we arrived, I was off to the races while the boyfriend fished.  And, even though it was high tide, the shelling was great!

Tiny Sand Dollar

Thick-Lip Drills and Odostomes

Baby's Ear

Channeled Whelk

Channeled Whelks

Star Coral

Crab Shells

Keyhole Limpets
I hope you all can hunt and gather during this lovely fall season.


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