Bald Head Island Fall Hunt & Gather

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I love Bald Head every time of year.  But, it is especially nice in the fall.  It's cooler and there are less people here, which makes it feel almost like your own personal island more so than in the summer.  I had the perfect Bald Head day yesterday.  Since it was my first full day here, I decided that I needed to scope out all the beaches for the best shells.  I hit every beach, even running north on East Beach for a couple miles to see what was up there.

While the shelling isn't at it's best, there are some great finds.  And, after the thunderstorm on Friday and the new moon tonight, I'm hoping by tomorrow or Tuesday the good stuff will be out there waiting on me.

East Beach Horseshoe Crab

South Beach Coral

West Beach One-Tooth Simnia

West Beach Barnacle
Gorgeous 10 pointer on South Bald Head Wynd


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