2014 - What treasures will this year bring?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year fellow hunters and gatherers.  You may have wondered where I have been these past two months.  Most of you know that I started my own design company a couple years ago.  (Has it really been that long - yes, it has.  I think I started I guess thinking about 2 years ago in January).  And, currently, I am the only employee which includes but is not limited to the following tasks:
  • Creative Director (my favorite one which is why I put it first)
  • CEO (whatever that means)
  • Founder (company still isn't incorporated, but my accountant doesn't seem to be worried, so neither am I)
  • Marketing Director
  • Social Media Director
  • Sewing Slave (I don't pay myself for sewing even though I spend most of time doing it)
  • Sweatshop Employee
  • Cutter
  • Sewer (ha! That can't be how you spell that)
  • Shipping Director
  • Customer Service Director (this doesn't mean that I am always kind, especially to banks)
  • Tech Director
  • Website Director
  • E-Commerce Director
Okay, I am going to stop there.  I'm not trying to complain, just thought it may explain why I haven't been on the beach in 2 months.  The weather also has something to do with that.  I hate cold weather.  I'm cold in 80 degree weather.  But, the weather in addition to all the cutting and sewing, kept me indoors.

Here is just a sample of the fabric I worked on this season:

They are beautiful.

Mary Lee (Great White Shark) Blanket Fabric

Starfish Cotton Voile Scarf
Crab Cotton Voile Fabric

Packing up an order for delivery.

Old Fabric Swatches

Horsehoe Crab Fabric

New stamps that arrived two days after Christmas.

Folding scarves to ship to Texas.

Packing up for delivery.

Custom blanket for sweet friend in Raleigh.

My favorite recipient of a scarf this season.  Sorry, Mimi wins every time!
Isn't my Mimi the cutest thing you've ever seen?  I gave her the Scotch Bonnet Silk Scarf for Christmas, which is North Carolina's State Shell.  She loved it.  Not as much as I love her because that's impossible.  :)

It was a very successful season.  But, I will not be a one woman sweat shop ever again.  Help is on the way, along with very exciting things this year.  I'm getting married in March, and before that I am going shelling on Captiva Island with some of my best friends.  Yes, that what a hunter and gatherer does for her bachelorette; she plans a shelling trip.  I can't wait to share the treasures we find!

I hope you all have the Happiest Year ever filled with many blessings!


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