I left my phone in Captiva

Monday, January 27, 2014

I left my heart phone in Captiva.  I'm getting married in March, and for my bachelorette I chose to go to Captiva Island in Florida.  I have always wanted to go to Sanibel and Captiva (Sanibel is the island just south of Captiva) for the shelling.  It did not disappoint.  What did disappoint - my phone was stolen the second night there.  Unfortunately, that meant I wasn't able to photograph the majority of my shells as I found them, which is one of my favorite things to do.  So, I instead set up a photo shoot of my Captiva finds by filling a Pyrex dish with sand, and shooting them in my kitchen.
Ravenel Scallops, and one of my favorite shells to find in Florida.

Sea Urchin - looks similar to those I find in NC and SC, but the spines are shorter.


Murex, Turban, and Scallop; there are loads of scallops in Florida. Scotch Bonnet's should be happy since they feed on them.


My cousins lovely Tulip find.

Paper Fig, and slightly broken, but I brought him home regardless.


Florida Fighting Conchs

Florida Fighting Conch (I did manage to get a few location photos before the phone was stolen).

Day 1, five minutes of shelling, and found all these gems.


Captiva Sand Dollar

Calico Clams


Gorgeous Lightning Whelks

I can't wait to go back.  Maybe by myself, so I can shell the entire time.  I think I'll want to explore Sanibel more also.  Here is one final picture of me shelling Blind Pass Sanibel.  You have never seen so many shells.

Cheers and Happy Shelling!


  1. I love all the beautiful shells! I can't wait to add to my collection, when the weather warms up.

    1. If you can bundle up, some of the best shelling is now. But, I know how you feel, I hate the cold! Happy Shelling!

    2. After we get past this predicted snow storm next weekend looks promising! When I moved to the coast of SC last spring I never expected it to snow.

    3. I grew up in Wrightsville Beach, and one year (1989) we got 22" on Christmas. As a child, it was a dream. Now I just want it to be warm :).


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