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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It feels so good to find shells again.  I, by no means think that it feels good outside.  I hate cold weather.  I hate winter.  The only exception to winter are the treasures that the winter storms bring.  Shelling can be the best this time of year, you just have to make sure you have the appropriate gear.  The only other thing I like about shelling this time of year, is the unexpected wind burn.  I love that feeling of bringing not only shells back, but a sign on my nose that I've enjoyed the outdoors.

I find that layering is the best for these cold temperatures.  I have on two down Patagonia jackets, and two scarves.

Here are a few more of my favorites for keeping warm as you hunt and gather this winter.

An obvious Patagonia lover, this hat is my favorite and only $35.

Wool socks are essential as they continue to warm even if wet.  Smartwool makes the best!

Patagonia Pullover - I don't own this but I want to.

Hunter Boots - I have these in hunter green.  I'm sure the salt water isn't good for them, but mine still get the job done.
So, after bundling up and hitting the beach, I found some fantastic treasures.  Here are a handful of my favorites:

My first Ocean Drive (OD) Sand Dollar.  When I stumbled upon it I gasped.  It was such a fun find!

OD Channeled Whelk

OD Lightning Whelk

OD Sea Urchin.  I spoke to it when I found him.
Tiny treasures up at the high tide line.

I think this is a brown banded wentletrap.
It feels so good to find shells in January.  And, gives me the hope that I will make it through another winter.


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