I'm dreaming of Sea Fans

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Two days ago I posted some pictures of the sea urchins I found at Cape Fear Point on Bald Head Island.  At the end of the post, I snuck in a picture of a sea fan I also found.  I was dumbfounded when I found the beauty.  Many of the "fans" or what looks like a sea fan, are actually made up of a spongy material.  And as this material drys out, it turns brown, and it stinks.  It stinks almost permanently.

Spongy Sea Fan (no idea what it's actual name is).
I like the smell of low tide, but I think I am the only person.

Bald Head Island Sea Fan Loot

When I found this sea fan, I was overjoyed, because it is not the same specimen.  The fan part is firm, and keeps it's color.  I have dreams of putting it in a shadow box and looking at it everyday.  Since I don't feel like motivating to go by a shadow box today, I instead decided to make a design with it in mind. 

Sea Fan Design

What do you think?  Not only would this be great fabric for a scarf, but also perfect bathroom wallpaper.

If you find yourself wanting this design in any capacity, please contact me and we can order it, and even customize if you wish.  Email me at margaretturnerdesigns@gmail.com, and as always check out my other designs at margaretturnerdesigns.com.


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