Not so scary - Sea Urchins washing up on Cape Fear

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's no secret I love Bald Head Island.  But, it's not the most welcoming place when it's 37 degrees and raining.  The silver lining:  the shells that wash up during these cold storms.  Somehow I know, the more mean the weather, the more fruitful the shelling.  And, thankfully, I was correct.  Not only have the sea urchins been washing up in mounds, I also have a bit of color from the severe wind gusts.  Check out some of the pictures I captured.

South Beach Sea Urchin

Gorgeous East Beach Treasures

Old Baldy

Hide and Seek!

Treasures mixed with good storm gunk; gunk, technical term, usually brings goodies!


Baby Starfish.  I threw him back; hope he made it!

Doesn't this Sea Fan look fake?

I will post more pictures later when I can; after I clean the 104 sea urchins I found.  So excited to stock up.  Now I have more to give away!


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