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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Most of the time I love cleaning the shells that I find.  What makes it difficult right now?  The fact that winter won't seem to leave.  It's cold outside, and that takes away from the joy a little bit. 

Cleaning the loot

Most of the sea urchins I found were ripped from their homes.  And, they all took a beating.  Some cracked in half as I started the cleaning process.  Every time a sea urchin or sand dollar is broken, my heart breaks a little bit.

Battered, still intact, (and still gorgeous) Sea Urchin
These sand dollars are the ones I found in Kiawah.  They were also ripped from their beds by the severe current and new moon, so they needed a lot of sun bathing to get to their pristine whiteness. 

Sun Bathing Sand Dollars
So, you wonder, where my motivation for this labor intensive task came from?  This insanely awesome Simon Pearce Lamp that was a wedding gift from one of my favorite people.  You can see why.  And who would put lemons in a lamp when you have shells? 

Nantucket Lamp by Simon Pearce
I can't wait to get these babies all cleaned up for their new home.  The lamp can't wait either.  I think I'm the most impatient of all the inanimate objects I just gave feelings to.  :)


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