She sells seashells down by the seashore.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kind of.  Well, if you really think about it, I do exactly that.  The scarves I sell are inspired by the shells I find, so essentially I am selling shells near the seashore.

I also keep my shells and decorate my house with them.  Finding the perfect container can be touch.  Recently, I have had some luck.

I love Anthropologie for so many reasons, one of them being that you can find exactly what you want even when you don't know that you're looking for it.  Get yours here (and, they make 2 other sizes too)!

The Chemist's Jar

HeLLO shells...a close up!

The next two pictures are also from Anthropologie and they are on sale!  Get them here.

Lava-Drizzle Vase in white.

Lava-Drizzle Vase in Blue Motif.
The Bald Head Island Club has the BEST she crab soup, and they use these tiny jars for the sherry for the soup.  I always wanted it for my tiny treasures.  And, I found them at Wal-mart of all places.  They are $0.97

Sherry glasses
I infrequently visit antique shops and check out their old jars; I've found a few gems.  But, I think I enjoy finding good containers when I'm not looking for them.  Also, the one in the back in the following picture can be found in all sizes at Target and Wal-Mart.  They are kind of common looking, but they get the job done.  Get the 2 gallon jar here.

Antique Jars, Target Jar
You would think that it would get old, this shell collecting thing, but it doesn't.  


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