Tis the season for Hunting and Gathering

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sunday at Wrightsville Beach, NC

Sunday was an incredible weather day.  Maybe perfect.  Or, at least perfect for crabbing.  My brother and I ran to Harris Teeter and found some very large leg pieces, 10 I believe for $4.12 and headed out to our secret spot (which, is probably everyone's secret spot).  Side note:  don't you love how most beach people have a secret spot that they've talked about all their lives, and then one day, you take someone with you, to your secret spot, and they tell you that they've also been coming to the same place for years. 

Here is the before picture of the hunt and gather.  Tent stakes make perfect crab lines!  And, obviously these nets need to be replaced.  I think crab nets only last one season.

Hunting and Gathering Gear

The first hunt and gather of the season can be slightly nerve racking for me.  I worry that the crabs won't be there yet, that it's too early, or they will be too small.  Which is kinda silly - they are bottom dwellers.
Gorgeous Jerry

Mother's Day Crab Pick!
Slightly more professional hunt and gather boat.

We brought the crabs (and clams) back to cook up a fantastic mother's day feast - maybe not the one Momma intended, but one she definitely enjoyed!  I can't wait to go hunting and gathering again soon!

Hunting and Gathering gear can be found most places:  Walmart, West Marine...etc., but I find that the best places to grab it all is the local Craft American Hardware store.  Happy Hunting!


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