(deep breath.....LARGE sigh.....relax shoulders, back, eyes...breathe salt air, the best salt air...) - Yep, BALD HEAD!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thank the goodness goodness for May and Bald Head Island.  It's that time of year again when I get to go to Bald Head, and not just go to Bald Head, but go with my family.  That includes my favorite nephew and niece.  And, if you can even believe it, my nephew may just love Bald Head as much as me.  You can ask him.  My sister (his Momma) once asked him if he'd rather live in Raleigh or Wilmington.  Powell said:  "I'd rather live on Bald Head."  Well done, and since he is my identical twin's son, I do believe he has ALL my DNA.  Or, at least the island kind.  (And, the better news is, we are going back on Thursday)!

Here are some shots from our trip:

Powell has just started getting serious about golf, (and every other sport known to mankind) so, Uncle Forrest (Emma calls him Uncle Sa Sa) took him out to hit balls.  Now, Powell is an athlete, but in addition, he is one MEAN clothes horse, so you have got to appreciate how "sharp" he looks!

Powell in his golf "getup".

Reston and I were heading out to ride bikes to the beach and check out the shells.  Well, Emma, "wanted to go bicycle too!" so she joined us.  And, loved her helmet!

And, we found shells!  This sand dollar below was right at the center of South Beach and West Beach.  They have been dredging, so unfortunately, I think the majority of the shells here were ground up from whatever that machine does to "nourish" the beach.  But, this was a joy to find.  Of course, I greeted the shell with, "HEY...what are you doing."  Yes, I talk to shells.  I don't even know that I am until I am in the conversation.

South Beach Sand Dollar

I did pull this Knobbed Whelk out of the sand to a large reaction of water.  It was almost as if the conch spit at me or threw a waterfall on me.  Not to worry, I put him back happily and with plenty of water.  The tide was also rising, so I feel certain the conch inside survived.  How gorgeous is that orange color - great inspiration for a scarf color!

Knobbed Whelk

My BF was lucky enough to get to the island for a couple nights.  Powell and I were excited to pick him up, and he was ready for this candid as he pulled into the marina.

6pm Ferry

Powell running on South Beach before a rain storm.

Powell - South Beach

Bald Head has a handful of fantastic shops.  The picture below was taken on the porch of Room Service, which is on Maritime Way - where Maritime Market and other unique stores reside.  I loved this rocker, especially the rock and then the color.  Check out Room Service on their Facebook Page here.

And, check out other Bald Head Island stores here.

Room Service Rocker

Old Baldy, the beloved lighthouse on this beloved island, is one of my many favorite icons of this spectacular island.  I captured this picture heading to the ferry to retrieve the boyfriend.  The clouds were rolling in behind it, from the east, and personify a mountain range.  Thank goodness the only thing behind Old Baldy is a maritime forest and a salt ocean.  I need to be by the sea!  

Old Baldy - the most lovely lighthouse in the world.


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