Tropical Storm Andrea

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I love a storm!  Especially a summer storm.  And, although I am not wishing a hurricane on anyone, anywhere, I love what a storm washes ashore.  So, you can probably imagine my excitement (minus having to watch Jim Cantore on TV) when I saw that Tropical Storm Andrea was heading towards the Carolina Coasts.  It brought lots of rain (great for my new garden) and some interesting shells and animals.  I also had the opportunity to explore multiple islands the past 2 days, which has been such a treat.  Here are some highlights:

This is a video I shot the morning after Andrea arrived - she was still around, as you can tell by the sound of the wind.  I don't think the video does the ocean was raging.

Andrea moving north.

Thanks for nothing, but perhaps a cool picture.

The remnants of a spider crab.
Here is a video of a couple Speckled Crabs, most likely freaking out a little since the storm was still very much around.  Aren't they beautiful?!

Blue crab holding out and hoping for the storm to move out soon (I think).

Hog Waties Island

Siren (looks like an eel, but is actually in the salamander family).  Misplaced by Andrea.

Cherry Grove Pier and signs of sunlight.

East Beach, BHI coral.

Baby Skate - there were loads of them washed up on Bald Head Island.

Wedge Piddocks
They were attached to man-made objects.  I caught these live ones in a video.  

More Wedge Piddocks...
Besides these beautiful shells, my other favorite find was this tiny Portuguese Man of War.  Careful if you see one washed up, but better than if you run into a live one in the water.  They can be deadly, and they will still sting you if they are dead like this one.  You can see a dead ant centered on the bubble.
Portuguese Man of War.

Bald Head Island, NC.
Think I may try and check out Masonboro Island today, but may just hunt crabs instead.  Hope everyone survived the storm, and are enjoying what it brought on shore!


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