Figure 8 Island Art and Shopping Splash

Monday, July 22, 2013

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in an artists show on Figure Eight Island, NC.  It is almost comforting to spend time around other artists.  And, lets be honest - who doesn't like to work on an island?  There was inspiration everywhere.  It was the second annual Splash Show on Figure Eight Island, and for the artists around my table and I, it was a successful one.

Great table real estate for my scarves and designs.

Tags for scarves inspired by Bald Head Island Ferry tags.
Great weekend to shop, and capture storm photographs.

I also learned how to watercolor; I'll devote a complete post to that tomorrow.  I posted some new pictures on my website, including the watercolors.  Check them out (Scarf ShotsShell ShotsMargaret's Watercolors)!

I was so impressed with the show and the artists and vendors, I thought I would also introduce you to a few (that is, if you don't already know them).

B. Bear Jamison - Fine Art

Barbara Jamison's art is incredible.  Inspired by the coast, you can imagine why I love everything she does.  I am mildly obsessed with the following marsh painting - doesn't it make you want to go hunting and gathering? You can view more of her art on Fine Art America here.

Marsh at Boat Ramp by Barbara Jamison

Gabrielle Jewelry

Gabrielle Jewelry (website here) was also in attendance.  Gabe Bratton is an artist from Raleigh, NC and I was equally impressed with her artistic jewelry as well as her process:

"Her pieces combine historical fashion with contemporary style. One of her specialties is the lost wax casting process, where she integrates traditional clothing adornments into modern pieces of jewelry, preserving the original design by replacing it with metal. To maintain the detail and intricacy of the material, the fibers are dipped in wax, manipulated and lastly re-contextualized into metal to solidify the detail. The transfer of materials completely changes the fabrics weight and feel. The delicately patterned layers become transformed revoking the fragility, while retaining the soft romantic pretense of the original form. The vulnerability of the lace is lost, but the intricacy of the design is captured and formalized into an elegant, one of a kind piece. Gabe also works with semiprecious stones in a variety of colors, styles and designs. Her pieces are unique, delicate and the perfect blend of masculine and feminine concepts."

Gabrielle Jewelry Floral Cuff

Please do yourself a favor and check out her site.

The Type Writer

Whitney Simms has beautiful handwriting.  I guess she would have to if she is in the calligraphy business.    

Isn't that the truth!




She has different calligraphy styles you can view along with a complete portfolio here.


Kenzania, an American woman run business, was conceived by Margie Springer after a misson trip to Tanzania.  The name is a mix of Kenya and Tanzania where the line is produced.  It is sold exclusively online (here) and through boutique shows.

"Kenzania is devoted to helping provide employment opportunities for sewers and craftsmen in Kenya and Tanzania. A portion of our proceeds will be returned to these communities. We are an American, woman-owned apparel and accessory company. Our products are sewn in “cottage” industries in either Kenya or Tanzania and constructed with Kitenge and Khanga fabric traditionally worn by women in East Africa.  Your purchase from Kenzania will help to change and improve lives in East Africa!"

Zanzibar Tote

Moyo Bath Robe

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