Photo Shoot: Ocean Drive

Friday, July 12, 2013

Is it weird that I like to photograph the scarves I design?  Granted I use them for marketing purposes, but it seriously gives me great joy trying to capture the scarf in the perfect wind and the perfect light.  My bf and I headed over the the Horseshoe at OD (Ocean Drive) to watch the Thursday Night band and to grab a Budweiser at the OD Pavilion.  (For those of you not familiar with the OD Pavilion, this is the place where they filmed the shaggin' contest in Shag - one of my all time favorite films, although the history of this place runs much deeper than a lovely chick flick:  OD Pavilion history).

I brought along a few scarves to try and get some new pictures.

Working with the talent.

Starfish - back where he came from.  Just a couple beaches south.

Mingling with the Sea Oats.

I see stars and horseshoe crabs.

Using the flash - the light only touched the bottom of the Horseshoe Crab Scarf.

Quite windy.

Enjoying the OD rides.

As always you can purchase any of these scarves by clicking on the ones you are interested in below:

I wanted to continue the photo shoot this morning, but it is storming.  Hoping this storm will wash up some gems for a fun afternoon shell.


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