Wedge Piddock

Monday, July 8, 2013

After Tropical Storm Andrea, I found a shell that I have never found before.  I tried going online to discover what this strange bivalve was, but not until I located my book, Seashells of North Carolina, did I identify these strange shells as wedge piddocks, also called a wedge-shaped martesia.

Wedge Piddocks are small boring clams that live burrowed in submerged driftwood.

Or, maybe a submerged old boat sponge.

They are a little bit on the creepy side when you find them alive.  Here, attached to a piece of Styrofoam...

I recommend having a shell book of your own.  The image of the book below is the book I own, and if you live in North Carolina or surrounding state beaches, it will prove beneficial.  You can get your copy here.

Glad the mystery is solved.  Happy Shelling!


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